Something as simple as a turntable can really improve productivity. By rotating loads to the working side, workers save time and energy by not having to "walk around" the load. In palletizing applications, turntables have been proven to significantly reduce fatigue as well as the risk of injury. In assembly or finishing applications, a turntable allows workers to stay in one place and bring the workpiece to them - this is especially helpful when using corded tools.

LiftCOA can mount a turntable to just about any lift we make. We also offer turntables that can be mounted on fixed height sub bases or placed directly on the floor. Our Turntable Ring is a portable turntable that can be used just about anywhere.


A product for every application

Lift Mounted

Almost any of our lift tables can be fitted with a turntable.  Sizes and shapes vary based on application, so please consult factory.

Floor Mounted Turntable Rings

Lightweight and portable for use any where in the plant or warehouse, these rings are sized to accept a standard GMA pallet and allow users to load or unload from the near side, just by turning the ring.