Pallet Trucks
LiftCOA Hand Pallet Trucks are a simple, economical solution for transporting loads on pallets or skids. They can be used just about anywhere from the manufacturing plant to the warehouse, to the loading dock. They're also ideal for use in retail stores, greenhouses/nurseries and anywhere else where loads are stored or shipped on pallets.

LiftCOA Standard Pallet Trucks raise pallets just enough to allow them to move freely over the floor. Our Hi-Lifting Pallet Trucks can raise loads a full 32" making them perfect not only for transport, but for eliminating bending when building or breaking down pallet loads, or as an adjustable height work surface.

Pallet Trucks

A product for every application
Standard pallet truckStandard Pallet Trucks
Solid, reliable, and economical hand pallet trucks move palletized loads quickly and easily throughout the plant or warehouse.
High Lift Pallet TruckHigh Lift Pallet Trucks
Can be used to lift and transport pallet/skid loads or as a palletizer. Manual unit lifts loads up to 32".