A product for every application. If it has to be lifted, lowered, or moved, LiftCOA has a product to do it for you.

Lift Tables (3)
Standard, Compact and Pan Style
Lift Tables
Portable Lifts (2)
Pushbutton Electric and Manual Foot Pump
Portable Lift Tables
Oversized Lifts (1)
Extra Long or Extra Wide Platforms

Oversized Lift Table

Turntable Lifts (2)
Floor Mounted and Lift Mounted
Dock Lifts (1)
Easy Access to Loading Docks

Dock Lifts

Tilters (3)
Fixed Height, Lift & Tilt and
Portable Container Tilters


Pallet Trucks (3)
Standard, High Lift - Manual and
High Lift - Electric
Pallet Trucks