Portable Lift Tables
The benefits of lift tables become even more significant when you add portability to them. LiftCOA mobile lift tables can be used for load transporting, transferring items from one surface to another, or as an adjustable height workstation. They can also be shared between work cells if volume requirements are not great enough to justify multiple lift tables.

LiftCOA Portable Lift Tables are available in pushbutton electric lift and foot pump manual lift styles. Just like our standard lifts, they are available in several different capacities, lifting heights, and platform sizes.

Portable Lifts

A product for every application
Powered Portable Lift TableElectric Lift
For transporting and vertically positioning loads. DC power lifts and lowers the platform at the touch of a button.
Portable Lift Table ManualManual Lift
Designed for lighter loads from 300 to 1,500 pounds. Foot pump operated hydraulics lift loads with no electrical power required.