alt src=images/stories/content_images/liftcoa_l_logo.jpgDelivering Real American Value

At Lift Company of America, we know that materials handling equipment customers demand value...
so that's what we deliver.

Here's how:

Quality Manufacturing
Our lift manufacturing process follows strict guidelines and uses a combination of the most current equipment along with proven techniques generated over decades of experience. All products are manufactured in accordance with ANSI MH29.1 Standards.

Reliable Performance
Every item we sell is tested and retested to ensure it meets the highest possible performance standards.

We measure the useful life of our products in decades, not months or years like some competitors. By meshing proven designs with application experience and quality manufacturing, we provide products that consistently exceed expectations.

Custom Engineering
Our standard product line has been developed to satisfy virtually any application requirement. However, should the need for standard modifications, or even custom design arise, we have the application and engineering support to provide it.